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SDP Release 23.4

Stackable Data Platform (SDP) Release 23.4 is now publicly available! Highlights The focus in this release is on Cluster Operation, the Status field and default/custom Affinities. Cluster Operation The first part of Cluster Operations has been implemented in all Stackable … Read More

SDP Release 23.1

Stackable Data Platform (SDP) Release 23.1 is now publicly available! Highlights The focus on this release is on logging, product image selection and LDAP authentication support. Further details on our release and how to upgrade can be found in our … Read More

SDP Release 22.11

Stackable Data Platform (SDP) Release 22.11 has been made publicly available this week! Highlights In the current release we have added new features: Apache Phoenix now allows SQL queries for Apache HBase, Trino works with LDAP authentication and enables data … Read More


The Stackable spark-on-k8s operator

The Stackable Data Platform is a distribution for Big Data software running on-premise or in the cloud. Open-source, written in Rust and designed for use in Kubernetes environments, Stackable operators are available for many popular Big Data components and allow … Read More


SDP Release 22.09

The Stackable Data Platform (SDP) Release 22.09 is now available! This short article will show you how to install it and what you can expect from it in terms of new features and other improvements. For more details you can … Read More