Event Streaming

Event Streaming

THe Stackable Data Platform - Architecture

Stackable for Event Streaming

The Stackable Data Platform serves as the basis for modern event streaming architectures and integrates seamlessly into Kubernetes. By using its own operators and integrating a number of curated open source data apps, Stackable offers a robust and flexible basis for processing and analyzing real-time data.

Event Streaming

Event Streaming is a dynamic method of handling data, enabling continuous processing and movement of data in real-time across systems. It’s crucial for organizations that require immediate insights and responses from their data, such as detecting fraudulent transactions, monitoring user activity in real-time, or managing supply chain logistics.

Highlighed data apps from the Stackable Data Platform for Event Streaming

Exemplary Use Case Scenarios

  • Real-time Analytics and Monitoring: Implement Apache Kafka to capture and stream data, using Apache Spark for processing, enabling instant insights into business operations, customer behavior, and system performance.
  • Fraud Detection: Utilize event streaming to continuously analyze transactions in real-time with Apache Kafka and Apache Spark, identifying and alerting on potential fraudulent activity, significantly reducing the risk and impact on businesses.
  • Supply Chain Management: Streamline operations by monitoring supply chain events in real-time. Apache NiFi can be used for data collection and routing, while Apache Kafka streams the data, allowing for immediate adjustments to e.g. inventory levels, shipping schedules, and production plans.
  • IoT Data Management: Manage vast streams of data from IoT devices with Apache Kafka and process with Apache Spark. Use Apache Druid for real-time analytics to monitor device health, optimize performance, and predict maintenance needs.
  • Personalized Customer Experiences: Aggregate and process user activity and behavior data in real-time to provide personalized content, recommendations, and services. Use Apache Kafka for data streaming, Apache Spark for processing.


kafka druid earthquake data DB

Event streaming of earthquake data

This demo of the Stackable Data Platform shows streamed earthquake data up to the dashboard.

It uses Apache Kafka®, Apache Nifi, Apache Druid and also Apache Superset for visualization.


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