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Why Stackable for Open Data?

At Stackable, we’re deeply committed to free and open source software, fostering openness and collaboration. By aligning with the FAIR principles of findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reusability, we offer a robust data platform for our customers and project partners to harness the power of Open Data.

Our customers and project partners see the Stackable Data Platform as a powerful foundation for their Open Data initiative.


“GBIF’s transition to the Stackable Data Platform has been transformative, allowing us to seamlessly standardize diverse data while adhering to open data principles. Stackable’s modular architecture empowers us to efficiently integrate global biodiversity data, making it an invaluable partner in our mission.”

Tim Robertson, GBIF Head of Informatics

Solution highlights

find, access, explore

(Meta)data Standardization

Data Readable by Machines

Our data platform provides robust data management capabilities to ensure data is findable, accessible, and interoperable:

  • Metadata Standardization
  • Metadata Enrichment
  • Data Catalog
  • Persistent Identifiers
ontology, knowledge graph

Data Access & Interoperability

Efficient Format Transformation

Our data platform facilitates seamless data access and promotes interoperability among diverse data sources and formats:

  • API Services
  • Data Transformation Tools
  • Linked Data Support
  • Ontology Mapping
data quality, lineage and provenance

Data Governance & Reusability

Robust Data Security

Our platform implements strong data governance mechanisms to ensure data quality, security, and reusability:

  • Data Quality Checks
  • Access Control
  • Licensing Information
  • Data Provenance Tracking


CUSTOMER SUCCESS STORY: Stackable Data Platform for The Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Global biodiversity data at GBIF

Background: GBIF – the Global Biodiversity Information Facility – is is an international network that promotes free and open access to biodiversity data from around the world. GBIF collects, shares, and standardizes biodiversity data, enabling scientists, researchers, and policymakers to better understand and manage global biodiversity.

Challenge: GBIF faced the challenge of managing vast amounts of biodiversity data contributed by various institutions and researchers. They needed a solution that could effectively handle diverse data formats, ensure data quality, and provide seamless data access and sharing while adhering to FAIR principles.

Solution: GBIF selected the open-source Stackable Data Platform to migrate from a commercial data management product. The solution is designed to support FAIR data principles and provide advanced data management capabilities. The platform’s modular architecture allowed GBIF to customize and configure components to meet their specific needs.


a digital maritime data space

Marispace-X aims to create a digital maritime data space based on the data sovereignty, security, interoperability and modularity of Gaia-X. Marispace-X offers new ways in maritime Big Data processing and sensor data analysis via edge, fog and cloud computing. FAIR and open datasets are a cornerstone for comprehensive and integrated data analysis especially for these use cases:

  • Technologies and sensors for the Internet of Underwater Things
  • Data-driven management of offshore wind parks
  • Data analytics and management for ammunition in the sea
  • Assess CO2 saving potential for biological climate protection

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