The modular open source data platform

The modular open source data platform

Popular data apps. Kubernetes-native. Easy to deploy and run.

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Your data, your platform

Open source, up to date

Data mesh ready


Stackable in a few words

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Hello Stackable...

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The Stackable Data Platform was designed with openness and flexibility in mind. It provides you with a curated selection of the best open source data apps like Apache Kafka®, Apache Druid, Trino and Apache Spark™. While other current offerings either push their proprietary solutions or deepen vendor lock-in, Stackable takes a different approach. All data apps work together seamlessly, and can be added or removed in no time. Based on Kubernetes, it runs everywhere – on-prem or in the cloud.

Use it to create unique and enterprise-class data architectures. For example, it supports modern Data Warehouses, Data Lakehouses, Event Streaming, Machine Learning or Data Meshes.

data platform configurator

Launching your Data Platform is easy

stackablectl and a Kubernetes cluster* is all you need to run your first stackable data platform. Within minutes, you will be ready to start working with your data. Configure your one-line startup command right here.

Similar to kubectl, stackablectl is designed to easily interface with the Stackable Data Platform. Use the command line utility to deploy and manage stackable data apps on Kubernetes. With stackablectl, you can create, delete, and update components, view your new cluster, and invoke sample applications.

Open Source on purpose

Really good software.

Stackable was founded in 2020 from the community ethos and therefore makes its platform available as an open source product with freely accessible source code with a commercial service and support offering. Only software with non-restrictive, open source licensing is included in Stackable Data Platform meaning you’re free to use it however you want at any scale.

We are convinced that the future of software development is open source. With Stackable, we want to go down this path and are looking for bright minds, tinkerers and developers who will accompany us on this path as employees or contributors. Whether it’s a pull request, issue or Github comment – get in touch with us and become part !

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Good Reasons

Why Stackable

Stackable is the modern, open source data platform flexible enough to meet your needs.

Everything from one source

All the open source tools for your modern data platform from a single source - no patchwork or vendors and a single point of contact.


Stackable is 100% open source and cloud-agnostic. Run your data apps in your data centre as well as in any cloud, on the edge or hybrid.

Easy integration

Uniform interfaces for monitoring, alerting and log management simplify individual integration into your corporate IT.

Flexible, modular, expandable

Choose the ideal combination of data tools in different versions and move away from monolithic distributions.

Your data, your platform

Keep your data sovereignty and avoid vendor or cloud provider lock-in through open source and implementation of interoperability standards. You decide where your data is and who can see it.

Built for Data Mesh

The Stackable Data Platform is built with Data Mesh in mind. It offers a big piece of your self-serve data platform and has federated computational governance in mind with Policies as Code.

Stable and reliable

Automated tests guarantee the interoperability of all software components in different versions on different Kubernetes installations on a daily basis.

Made in Europe

Built in Europe to European standards.

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