SDP Release 22.11

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Stackable Data Platform (SDP) Release 22.11 has been made publicly available this week!


In the current release we have added new features: Apache Phoenix now allows SQL queries for Apache HBase, Trino works with LDAP authentication and enables data lakehouse architectures by integrating Apache Iceberg.

The Stackable Data Platform now also supports Kubernetes 1.25. As always, we have also been carefully monitoring the latest versions of the open source products we integrate. We now support Apache Kafka 3.3.1, Apache Hadoop HDFS 3.3.4, Apache NiFi 1.18.0, Apache Druid 24.0.0 and Apache Airflow 2.4.1.

We have improved operational support in several places: For resource management, CPU and memory limits can now be configured for the various products via the stackable operators. The clean-up of orphaned resources in the cluster has also been optimised. Especially for Apache NiFi, the automated update and the demand-based allocation of persistent memory is simplified.

Further details on our release and how to upgrade can be found in our release notes as well as in the change logs of the individual operators (e.g. for Airflow).

Demos with stackablectl

The following new ready-made demos are now supported by stackablectl:

As always, watch out for more demos in the next release!

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