Enhancing Flexibility in Data Management: Stackable Introduces Delta Lake Connector for Trino

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In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, adaptability and choice are key. Stackable, renowned for its open and flexible Stackable Data Platform, continues to pioneer innovations that empower businesses to tailor their data architectures to unique needs. The latest addition is the Delta Lake Connector for Trino (available in the upcoming SDP Release 24.3 in March or today for testing in our nightly), complementing the existing Apache Iceberg Connector and Delta Lake functionality of the Stackable Operator for Apache Spark. This dynamic duo of table formats now provides customers with unparalleled flexibility in choosing the right solution for their specific use cases.

Why a Delta Lake Connector ?

Delta Lake, a powerful storage layer that brings ACID transactions to Apache Spark™ and big data workloads, has gained widespread popularity for its reliability and efficiency. Now, with Stackable’s Delta Lake Connector for Trino, users can seamlessly integrate Delta Lake into their data architectures alongside other open-source data apps like Apache Kafka®, Apache Druid, and Trino itself.

The integration of Delta Lake Connector with Trino facilitates:

  1. Data Lake Infrastructure: Delta Lake emerges as the optimal choice when building a data lake infrastructure. Its design aligns with the specific demands of data lakes, providing peak performance in such environments.
  2. ACID Transactions and Data Versioning: Delta Lake stands out for its robust support of ACID transactions and versioning. If data integrity and meticulous version tracking are paramount, Delta Lake is the solution of choice.
  3. Versatility in Processing: Well-suited for both real-time and batch processing scenarios, Delta Lake offers a versatile solution that adapts to the diverse needs of modern data workflows.

Choosing the Right One: Delta Lake vs. Apache Iceberg

As always – it depends…

Stackable’s commitment to openness and flexibility is now underscored by providing two leading table formats – Delta Lake and Apache Iceberg. While both serve as excellent choices, understanding the nuances can help customers make informed decisions based on their use cases. Below are just a few criteria for choosing one or the other. However, we always recommend testing against a real-world use case.

Delta Lake:

  • Ideal for users with existing Delta Lake implementations.
  • Best-suited for environments requiring ACID transactions and robust data integrity.
  • Exceptional for scenarios demanding high data integrity.

Apache Iceberg:

  • Suitable for users valuing simplicity and compatibility across different platforms.
  • Optimized for schema evolution and time-travel capabilities.
  • Its optimization for efficient query performance positions it as the ideal choice for data warehousing environments.

How to Get Started

Getting started with the Delta Lake Connector for Trino is a straightforward process:

  1. Update Stackable Data Platform:
    Ensure you have the latest version of the Stackable Data Platform installed.
  2. Configure Delta Lake Connector:
    Follow the documentation provided by Stackable to configure and set up the Delta Lake Connector within your Trino environment.
  3. Integrate Delta Lake:
    Seamlessly integrate Delta Lake into your data architecture and start reaping the benefits of ACID transactions and streamlined data workflows.


With the introduction of the Delta Lake Connector for Trino, Stackable continues to empower businesses with choices that align with their data management goals. Stackable users now have the freedom to choose, adapt, and optimize their data architectures for peak efficiency.

This strategic addition to Stackable’s suite reaffirms the company’s commitment to openness and flexibility, ensuring that users can navigate the complexities of modern data management with confidence. The Delta Lake Connector for Trino stands as a testament to Stackable’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to unlock the full potential of their data.

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