IONOS participates in big data expert

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Karlsruhe, October 13, 2021. IONOS, the largest European cloud and hosting provider, has acquired 25.1 percent of the shares in Stackable GmbH as part of a strategic partnership. Stackable was founded in 2020 and has developed an open source-based platform for the analysis and processing of large amounts of data.

“With our investment, we ensure that IONOS has a strong position in the growing big data market,” says Achim Weiß, CEO of IONOS. “Stackable and IONOS share their DNA – open source software is at the core of our offerings. We are already using the big data platform for internal applications and are planning a managed stackable offer for our cloud customers for the coming year. ”

“Just like IONOS, Stackable stands for data sovereignty,” adds Sebastian Amtage, CEO of Stackable. “With our platform, which can be used likewise in the cloud, on premise or hybrid, we offer an optimal solution here. It is particularly important to us to have found a partner in IONOS who, like us, has its roots in Germany. “

Stackable was founded in 2020 by Sönke Liebau and Lars Franke in Wedel, Schleswig-Holstein. In contrast to other big data solutions, the company’s software platform is a free and open distribution of numerous open source projects for modern data platforms. It is based on the “Infrastructure as Code” concept: users do not have to worry about the hardware platform on which their big data applications run.

IONOS and Stackable are also working together as part of the European Gaia-X cloud initiative. Both companies are consortium members of the MARISPACE-X project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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