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We are taking off! Our Stackable Data Platform is about to be officially released – and we wouldn’t be Stackable if we hadn’t focused on the community idea here as well. One of the members of this community who has already put the Stackable Data Platform through its paces is Florian Waibel. As an architect at IONOS Cloud, he is already implementing the first customer solutions based on Stackable and has already been able to get to grips with the Stackable Data Platform in detail. He describes his experiences in his blog series “Hello Stackable Data Platform” on his blog

Part 1: Stackable Building-Block | Authorization-as-Code

In the first part, Florian first goes into detail about the authorization component(s). He writes about how to use the Stackable RegoRule operator to create and deploy authorization rules, as well as the Stackable Operator for OpenPolicyAgent (OPA), a Kubernetes operator, to manage authorization agents.

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Part 2: Apache ZooKeeper the Stackable Way.

Part The second part of the blog series describes the use of the Stackable Operator for Apache ZooKeeper to run a distributed coordination tool.2: Apache ZooKeeper the Stackable Way.

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Want to learn more about the Stackable Data Platform? Then stay tuned: In the coming weeks, we’ll show you everything you need to know about the platform, Big Data, open source and much more here on the blog. To make sure you don’t miss anything, sign up for our newsletter.

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