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Building a Kubernetes-Hosted Web UI for Our Data Platform

Approachability is not one of the biggest strengths of Kubernetes. Anybody who can’t express their questions in form of kubectl commands will have a hard time finding out what’s going on inside a cluster. Not that it were an easy task. The … Read More


What Were All Those Project Names on the KubeCon Europe 2023 Page?

When checking out this year’s KubeCon in Amsterdam, the following text snippet caught my attention: “Join containerd, CoreDNS, Envoy, etcd, Fluentd, Harbor, Helm, Jaeger, Kubernetes, Linkerd, Open Policy Agent, Prometheus, Rook, TiKV, TUF, Vitess, Argo, Backstage, Buildpacks, Chaos Mesh, Cilium, … Read More


Stumbling Over ‘ubi-8-appstream’ In ‘ubi8/ubi-minimal’

Today our Docker image builds started crashing out of the blue. The following error message showed up: The offending line, was calling microdnf with –enablerepo=ubi-8-appstream. Suddenly, images which were building just fine in the morning, stopped doing so. This might be a very … Read More


Deleting Custom Resources in a Kubernetes Namespace

The custom resources I thought I deleted were in fact around all this time!? When working with Kubernetes and custom resources, you need to be able to go back to a clean state. Unfortunately, almost all kubectl commands are ignoring … Read More


7 Useful CLI Tools You Can Give a Try

What CLI tools do you LOVE to use? Is there something you wouldn’t want to miss? I asked this question in the Stackable Slack a few days ago, got some cool replies and wanted to share them on. Interested in … Read More